Diesel Bob (UK) Limited

Diesel Bobs passion for diesels began way back in the mid 1980's from the humble beginnings of tinkering with Ferguson tractors. This passion accelerated with Diesel Bob being taken under the wing of grand meister George Gordon, (George Gordon Diesels Longridge) whos expert guidance provided Diesel Bob with the skills to rise to the top of the diesel injection Worlds masterclass. Fast forward to the early 2000's & Diesel Bob was able to offer diesel injection services based out of a purpose built workshop in Ribchester.

So for anyone looking for a reliable & established company to deal with your diesel injection problems, Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd is here to help.

We have a rather large website with many links and tabs, have a click around & perhaps you’ll learn a thing or two, have a giggle or maybe be offended (sorry if the latter is applicable).

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to doing business with you.

Diesel Bob,

Loving diesels before they were popular, when they were popular and even now when all of a sudden diesels aren’t popular!

STEADY - Able to begin work as it arrives

- NICE -
Able to begin work 24 hours of it arriving

BUSY - 24 - 48 hours before able to begin new work

CRAZY - 2 - 3 days before able to begin new work

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  • Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd
    Hand rebuilt in Great Britain
  • VP30 & VP44
    Injection Pump
    Master Rebuilders
  • Delphi
    common rail injectors
    supplied with new
    program codes
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  • Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd
    Loving Diesels
    Since 1991
  • If it’s diesel,
    Bobs yer man!!!!
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