Diesel Bob (UK) Limited

Sending Stuff

Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd accepts all forms of diesel injection components for testing, repairing, reconditioning and overhauling from all over the world.

The little tips will help ensure a smoother delivery to us:

Print off and attach our address label to the front of the box, click here to print this off

Enclose your contact details WITHIN the package (ideally within a plastic bag/sleeve), as a minimum we require:

Drain as much fuel out of the component as possible (only really applies to pumps), sometimes inverting the component over a tub for an hour or so will drain the vast majority of fuel.

Plug any fittings if possible (using caps or plastic bags is best).

Use a box that is relatively strong at the very least, cereal boxes are not up to the job!

Ensure the components are well padded and not touching the inside of the box, using rags, bubble wrap or newspaper to space the component from the sides works well.

Use packing tape or packing 'straps' to pull the box together. Going 'overkill' is better and safer.

Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd can arrange UK mainland collections on your behalf, please call 01254 878 582 to discuss.


When sending items to us from ANYWHERE except the UK please make this extra note on the outside of the box:

'This item is being sent for repair. IT IS NOT BEING EXPORTED PERMANENTLY'

Failure to make this notice on the package will result in the item being held at customs and it can be bounced back to the sender without the item ever landing at our workshop

Also, to reduce potential delays with customs, be realistic or less than realistic on the insurance cover.

Virtually every delay from overseas items is due to the 'value' of the items being too high.

Where possible please value items at 500.00GBP or less, going over this is VERY likely to result in delays and masses of extra paperwork

We realise that this figure may be worryingly low for some components but in the 20+ years of Worldwide trading we have NEVER had an issue of an item disappearing when it has been clearly addressed and well packaged.

However, in the modern World in which we all inhabit we must add that:
Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd will not accept any liability or responsibility for items being damaged or being lost during shipping to us. It is the senders and shippers responsibility to ensure all paperwork is completed correctly and components are correctly packaged and addressed.