Diesel Bob (UK) Limited


Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd has the equipment, skills & (above all) experience to deal with pretty much every form of diesel injector ever made since the early 1940's.

This includes diesel injectors manufactured by:

Since Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd has been testing, repairing & overhauling diesel injectors for over 3 decades our skills are about as finely honed as is possible.

Use us for your diesel injectors & your assured accuracy & quality EVERY time.

With 'cut throat' pricing being widespread throughout virtually every sector of industry we can assure you Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd has not given into this 'short term' business operating mindset & we will continue to put quality & reliability before silly phrases such as 'cheapest on ebay' & 'cheapest on the internet', injectors overhauled & rebuilt by Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd are of the highest quality & will never be the 'cheapest'.

All work is carried out right here in our UK based workshop by my own UK tax paying hands, non of this cheap foreign labour or nasty imported nonsense goes on within the walls of Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd!

A guide to some of our prices are here, for more accurate quotes please contact us.

Injector testing:

Conventional style injectors (not common rail) £8:00ea
Common rail injector testing £22:00ea
PD/Unit injector testing (e.g. 1.9 TDI VW) £30:00ea

Injector overhauling/rebuilding/reconditioning:

Conventional style (most injectors pre-1999) from £35:00ea
Common rail injectors (car/light commercial) from £98:00ea
Common rail injectors (HGV/Industrial/Marine/Agri) from £135:00ea
PD/Unit injectors from £125:00ea

To send your injectors to us please click here for packing & sending info.

Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd only offers to service your ORIGINAL injectors, to obtain injectors 'off the shelf' please visit our neighbours Ribble Valley Diesels or click here