Diesel Bob (UK) Limited

Apocalypse Soon?

According to the Worlds press & media 'the end is nigh', so with an impending apocalypse what should you do?

Looking at Hollywood movies a mad max &/or walking dead style future is likely (or 'Water World' scenario looking outside) so a wardrobe of leather & steel clothing is top of the priority list, & weapons, but how will we run the kids to school? Pick up the shopping? Carry out raids on the village down the dusty empty highways & be back before dark?

You'll need reliability & the option to use more than a single fuel type.

You guessed it!! Diesel is the FUTURE!

But be careful, don't end up with a DPF failure or fried ECU from an EMP blast as your being chased by the undead or crazed cannibals, get yourself a proper diesel, a diesel that has no ECU, no DPF, no limp home mode!

All those people out there wishing to survive this new World order need to be prepared, now's the time to grab yourself a PROPER diesel 4x4, pick up truck, van or even a truck. The ultimate restoration project that can be carried out at weekends & that could well save your life (provided you survive the initial attacks of course).

So, for all those forward thinkers out there click here to see our favoured list of 'bullet proof' (in terms of fuel system, not AK47) vehicles that are happy to use diesel & can take veg oil with ease, for further assistance in choosing an ideal, TRULY future proof vehicle, feel free to contact us, you may thank us at some point as your heading on down the desolate roads in your corn oil fuelled death machine with a hoard of hungry mutants choking on the black smoke behind you, as you drive past unfortunate Prius owners being eaten alive while trying to find a plug socket.

Now Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd would not dream of jumping on the media hysteria bandwagon of scaring our dear readers & attempt to make money out of such a crisis, but during the restoration of your apocalypse proof diesel you may require the diesel pump & injectors rebuilding to ensure ultra reliability!