Diesel Bob (UK) Limited

About us

Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd is a small rural based company, dedicated to offering:

Diesel Bob has been 'into diesels' since the mid 1980's and became fully trained in the Jedi skills of diesel injection services in the early 1990's.

Fully trained and experienced to tackle early forms of diesel injection components and fully versed with the latest common rail systems, Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd is, possibly, one of very few diesel specialists in the World able to cover diesel injection components from over a 70 year time span!

Since 2015 Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd has merged forces with our direct neighbours, Ribble Valley Diesels, this has expanded our workforce and ability to offer a first class vehicle repair service. Diesel Bob himself mans all the phone lines for Diesel Bob (UK) and Ribble Valley Diesels, thankfully paracetamol is in plentiful supply to take the edge off those headaches.

So for all your diesel injection and diesel vehicle woes we are here to assist, why not let your headache be our headache?