Diesel Bob (UK) Limited

About Us

Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd is a small one man army, dedicated to offering:

Diesel Bob has been 'into diesels' since the mid 1980's & became fully trained in the Jedi skills of diesel injection services in the early 1990's.

Fully trained & experienced to tackle early forms of diesel injection components & fully versed with the latest common rail systems, Diesel Bob is, possibly, one of very few diesel specialists in the World able to cover diesel injection components from over a 70 year time span!

Due to our small work force (Diesel Bob & Jennifer, the part time secretary) we can ensure a high level of service & because our overheads are small, we don't have any need to 'make work', this means that if (as an example) a fuel pump is sent to us for testing & nothing is wrong with it, we will tell you exactly that. Non of the 'your pumps faulty & it's going to cost £???.??' Just to pay wages & make money, honesty is our policy!

Should you require testing, repairing, overhauling or rebuilding of your diesel injectors / diesel pumps then Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd is here to assist.

A downside to being a small company & being honest is that we can become VERY busy & because of this Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd cannot provide a fast enough service to everyone.

Clients who do require a speedy turnaround of components or require components 'off the shelf' may we suggest you contact our neighbours, Ribble Valley Diesels Ltd or click here to go directly to there website.