Diesel Bob (UK) Limited


Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd provides sensible, proper and common sense warranties on our products, all the 'small print' is here, nothing is hidden.

All diesel injectors and injection pumps are:

Have a 1 year unlimited mileage warranty. A 'certificate of warranty' is not given as a seperate item, the invoice that was provided with the components at the time of purchase / payment acts as guarantee, so please keep all invoices safe. To request a copy invoice please email accounts@dieselbob.com or call 01254 878582 and use option 1.

All diesel injectors and injection pumps that are:

Carry a maximum of 3 months warranty or LESS, information about this would be explained at the point of payment or on the invoice provided with the components.

All diesel injectors and injection pumps that are tested only & test OK:

Carry no warranty whatsoever. It is not feasible to provide any form of warranty on a tested only item as no parts are fitted to justify a warranty. The only 'guarantee' we can give on tested items is that the items test OK at the time of test and that the reported fault the items are being tested for is not present and the items will not cause the reported issue.

All diesel injectors and injection pumps that are tested only and test NOT OK:

Clearly no warranty and no guarantee can be provided for any item we deem as not OK (i.e. faulty), reasons for testing NOT OK are many but the fact will be the item has failed the relevant tests and is either:

Our warranty/guarantee has the same limitations, coverage and reasons for voiding as other suppliers of components.

Reasons for voiding of warranty/guarantee:

Dirty / water / contamination ingress.

Any components found to of been contaminated will be void of any warranty, obvious really. The items will not of left our premises with dirt / water / contamination in them, so if a contaminant is found it only came from one place and it wasn't our place.

Unauthorised adjustments / twiddling screws / 'just wanting to have a look inside'

Rather obvious again, once we have rebuilt/repaired an item it is tested and calibrated. Diesel injection components are very sensitive and removal of parts / adjustments of parts will alter the calibration so the breaking of our sealing paint/seals will also void any warranty/guarantee. Should you have an issue with a component and feel as though an adjustment is required please contact us before doing so.

Physical damage

We are rather forgiving with warranty issues but we sure are not accepting a warranty claim where an injector has been installed with a lump hammer! Should you encounter any issues whilst installing a component from us please call, chances are we have a solution that does not require a hammer, chisel or crowbar. Dropping items on concrete (or other solid substrate) will also void the warranty! Another common 'warranty voider' is the cleaning of injection nozzles. DO NOT stick an injector nozzle on a wire wheel! They may well dirty after the engine has run but PLEASE leave the dirt on, it's better that way!

Incorrect installation

One issue that really is a major irritant for us, incorrectly fitted parts! The installation of diesel injection components cannot and should not be rushed. Failure to correctly clean the installation area, failure to correctly adjust/set timing, failure to use new installation components (stretch bolts a prime example), failure to remove old seals/washers/gaskets, failure to correctly re-cut injector washer sealing faces are all pretty much guaranteed to creare problems and all pretty much guaranteed to invlove a phone call with the words 'these parts you've supplied us are faulty' or 'since we fitted these parts you supplied us the vehicle had this fault'. It's annoying for us and no doubt annoying for the customer but we STRONGLY advise a non rushed installation to ensure all is performed correctly. Bodged installation of components WILL void any warranty / guarantee.

So that's the matter of warranties and guarantees explained, should anything be missing or you have questions please email tuning@dieselbob.com or call 01254 878 582

Terms and Conditions

Good old T's & C's for this we have the standard for the type of service/components we offer, for our full Terms and conditions please drop an email to either tuning@dieselbob.com or accounts@dieselbob.com

As a brief run through, here is the following (common sense we'd of thought):

Payment terms

Note reference card payments:

Card payments over the phone are accepted BUT... the item being paid for MUST be delivered to that of the cardholder and a landline phone number of said address must also be supplied at the time of payment, The only exception to this rule we offer is to ship items to a GARAGE ADDRESS with a legitimate VAT number.

Card payments via chip and pin are accepted over the counter at our premises when items are collected. Card payments over the phone and then having someone collect the items are NOT ACCEPTED.

New ways of paying:

As technology moves ever forwards(??!!) new forms of payment are being rolled out and already in place, please contact us regarding methods of payment not listed above.