Diesel Bob (UK) Limited


Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd has the experience to know that the only way to offer high quality & correctly functioning diesel injection components is by carrying out all testing & calibrating on the very best, high end test equipment.

Despite the diesel injection test equipment industry being awash with cheap Chinese equipment we will only use equipment built by Bosch, Hartridge & Rabbotti. The Equipment offered by these firms is legendary & built to last.

Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd currently operates with:

All machines are calibration checked every 12 months & fully serviced every 3 months.

One easy way to reduce overheads & product costs is to use low cost test equipment, Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd will stay firm on the philosophy on which we are built ‘Do the job right the first time’ & the only way to stand by these words is to use the best quality products & equipment, which we do & will continue to do.

By using Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd for your diesel injection component testing & reconditioning you are ensuring your diesel vehicle will operate correctly, with correct power delivery, smoothness & economy as it should be.

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