Diesel Bob (UK) Limited


Diesel injection pumps for certain vehicles where notoriously problematic and expensive to repair / replace.

Diesel Bob (UK) Ltd prefers to completely eliminate a problem long term rather than patch up an under lying fault.

The only way to deal with some injection pumps and provide a bullet proof fix is to actually replace the original unit with a specially built hybrid injection pump.

Vehicles fitted with a Lucas / Delphi EPIC injection pump, such as:

  • Ford Transit 2.5 Turbo
  • Fiat 1.9D
  • Peugeot 2.1
  • Vehicles fitted with the Denso V3 injection pump, such as:

    Can be made massively more reliable with the old injection pump thrown into a skip and replacing with our in-house designed full mechanical injection pump.

    The addition of our hybrid injection pumps often results in better mpg and power/torque, downsides to the hybrid route are:

    Another area where a hybrid injection pumps would be ideal is for diesel tuning.

    We provide / build hybrid injection pump for various applications, this includes:

    The hybrid options for these applications are many, from an upsizing of head and rotor (up to 12mm) to a full blown mechanical control hybrid injection pump that requires no ECU to function

    Hybrid injection pumps are built to order and a deposit may be requested, prices vary according to specification of the unit required and the application, contact us for details.

    A useful option we provide is for vehicles fitted with the Peugeot / Citreon 1.9D engine (1997 - 2005) were the fault of engine 'clatter' is encountered and all the usual fixes fail.

    We can modify the original pump to cure this migraine inducing problem, contact us for details.